The Playground Survey is now closed and our sincere thanks goes out to the nearly 450 parents and caregivers that took the time to give input through our survey. Sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to find out when updates on the project are available.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Essex County Brookdale Park will be getting a completely new playground in 2015. Brookdale Park Conservancy, working in partnership with Essex County, is sponsoring an online survey to get input from local parents and caregivers of playground-age children who use the playground. The quick survey (10 questions, takes an average of 4 minutes to complete) asks for feedback on how you use the current playground and what you’d like to see included in the new designs. 

Please help us ensure that Brookdale Park’s new playground best meets the needs and wants of our local community by giving your feedback through the survey and by sharing this link:

Some background: Earlier this fall, Essex County commissioned playground inspections throughout their park system and, at Brookdale Park, many components of the original play equipment (installed in 1997) as well as the safety surfacing and enclosing fences were identified as being in need of costly repairs and replacements. Given the age of the overall structures, much of the work would have also required custom retrofitting. As a result, Essex County has decided to replace the entire Brookdale Park playground. The area is being redesigned to make it more secure for caregivers while replacing the rapidly deteriorating play structures with safer, modern day equipment. 

Essex County’s Brookdale Park Playground Replacement project is currently in the early design stage with construction to start in early 2015. Brookdale Park Conservancy's survey ends on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. A complete report of all community feedback gathered through the survey will be presented the following day, Thursday, December 11, 2014 to the project's design team.