Thank you! Supporters like you have helped make 2014 the most successful year-to-date for Brookdale Park Conservancy. A snapshot of our 2014 successes include:

  • Inspired and led more than 200 volunteers to contribute 2,700 hours of stewardship
  • Partnered with 16 local business, corporations and fellow non-profit organizations
  • Provided 6 educational programs and 12 community volunteer activities
  • Planted 100 new trees and shrubs
  • Began restoration of 5 acres of wildlife habitat
  • Developed and maintained 6 horticulturally noteworthy park features
  • Surveyed over 1000 park visitors to better evaluate and address their park related interests and needs

BUT this year isn't over yet and the funds we raise on and before December 31, 2014 will determine the number and scope of our 2015 projects and programs. Please help continue this momentum in 2015 by giving generously before the end of the year.