Things to Do in Brookdale Park


Track & Field / Running

Enjoy free public access to a synthetic grass playing field and ¼ mile rubberized running track newly replaced in the summer of 2014 at Brookdale's Oval athletic complex. 

In addition to the centralized track and field, mile marker posts run along the 1.25 miles of the park's outer perimeter pathway to help athletes and casual walkers gauge their distance.


Outdoor Fitness Course

In the summer of 2014, Essex County completed the installation of a new 18-station outdoor fitness course (aka Parcourse) located all along the outermost walking loop of the park. 



Brookdale Park’s playground offers a friendly and safe environment for kids of all ages with separate play areas for tots and for elementary and middle-school aged children as well as two separately enclosed swing sets: one with bucket seats for tots and one for sling seats.

The playground area also has an abundance of green space for informal lawn games and a nearby restrooms in the Brookdale Park Fieldhouse. An asphalt paved rotary path connects all play and swing structures for easy stroller access throughout.


Dog Park

The Dog Park in Essex County Brookdale Park – opened in November 2007 in a clearing that residents were already using as an informal area to walk their dogs. The dog park has separate fenced in areas for both large dogs small dogs with stone dust surfacing and various pieces of apparatus for play and exercise. A steel archway welcomes visitors, and a pathway designed with ornamental brick pavers leads them to the play areas. There are safety enclosures at each entrance to prevent unleashed dogs from running away, time out areas where excited dogs can be brought to calm down, dog washing areas and water fountains. For more info including Dog Park Rules and Regulations, visit



Brookdale Park’s outdoor archery field is leased by Essex County to The Bloomfield Archers. The club, founded in the 1930s, houses equipment, including target butts and stands, in a building adjacent to the field for the exclusive use of members. From April through October, the club hosts weekly “Sunday Shoots” that are open to all archers. Distances are adjusted for youth and novice archers. All archers pay an entry fee of $10. Registration on the field is required one-half hour prior to shoot.

The archery field is the official site for The Gold Cup, the New Jersey Outdoor State Archery Championships. An estimated 200 archers compete at the annual event. Actress Geena Davis was at the 1999 Gold Cup and world-class record holders come to Bloomfield to compete every year. For Bloomfield Archers membership info, please visit their


Tennis Center

Since 1982, the Brookdale Park Tennis Center has been managed by Elite Tennis Academy with support from Essex County Department of Parks Recreation, and Cultural Affairs. The Tennis Center has eleven tennis courts and one handball court, public lockers and a restroom facility.

The tennis season runs from April thru October. Players must check in with the Elite Tennis Academy attendant located inside the tennis building before playing on the courts. For more information on the Brookdale Park Tennis Center and Elite Tennis Academy, call (973) 744-7060 or (973) 575-1000 ext. 202.



Brookdale Park offers over 200 acres of varied wildlife habitat and hosts a great number of bird species. Sightings range from the small and common House Sparrow to the occasional Wild Turkey. Visit ebird for Brookdale's Hotspot list of bird sightings recorded by our local birders.